Born in London in 1946 of an English father and Scottish mother, the family lived on the west coast of Scotland at Tarbert, Loch Fyne before moving back to Mill Hill, North-west London in the early '50s.

Studying classical piano from the age of 6 and self taught on guitar, Dave began writing songs with schoolfriend Andrew Rose and played round the folk music circuit in the London of 1965. Andrew Oldham signed them to his Immediate label in 1966, initially recording a Jagger-Richard song with them - “Sittin’ on a Fence" which became a top 20 hit. There followed co-written singles with Rose and two studio albums supported by the cream of London's session players and produced by Oldham. Live gigs and T.V. shows in the U.K. and Europe followed.

The 70's saw David recording as a session keyboard player with artists such a Bryan Ferry, Chris Rea, Maggie Bell, Phil Manzanera, Del Shannon, Amazing Blondel, as well as being a main writer and vocalist in two bands - Uncle Dog [with Carol Grimes] and Clancy.

After doing shows in the UK with Phil Manzanera's 801, Dave toured with Roxy Music through the U.K., Europe, Japan, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



" Sitting on a Fence " [ Jagger-Richards ] Immediate Records
"Step out of Line" [ Skinner-Rose ] Immediate Records
"True Story " [ Skinner-Rose ] Immediate Records

"Own Up"
"That's All"


UK, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Belgium.

Del Shannon: "Life is but Nothing", Easy to Say".
Chris Farlowe: "You're so good for me", Life is but Nothing".
P.P.Arnold: "Everything is gonna be Alright","You're so good for Me","Life is but Nothing"
Nicky Scott: "Chain Reaction", Everything is gonna be Alright"

1970- 72


" Old Hat" [ principle songwriter / keys ] Island Records
Touring on road - UK, Germany, Holland.

"River Road" {songwriter / keys,co-vocals]


1973- 77


"Seriously Speaking." [ songwriter / keys ] Warner Bros.
"EveryDay." [ songwriter / keys ] Warner Bros.
Touring on road - UK, Europe.


SESSION ALBUMS [ Playing Piano and Keys ]:
"These Foolish Things" Bryan Ferry
"In Your Mind" Bryan Ferry
"K Scope" Phil Manzanera
"Listen Now" Phil Manzanera
"Chris Rea" Chris Rea
"Inspiration" Amazing Blondel
"Bad Dreams" Amazing Blondel
"Kala" Kala
"SingerSongwriter" Clifford.T.Ward
Single "Jealous Guy" Roxy Music
Single "Toe Knee Black Burn" Binky Baker And The Pit Orchestra



1978- 81


Touring Europe, U.S.A.,Canada, Japan, Australia.


  After touring Australia & New Zealand in early '81 with Roxy Music, Dave decided to settle in Sydney and started producing tracks for Aussie artists using material he had written or co-written with Jon Kennett in the UK, while collaborating on new works with local writers and artists here.

'Lady, What's your Name' and 'Temporary Heartache' were hit singles for John Swan, taken from the album 'This Time It's Different' . Singles with Mark Hunter and Ward 13 followed, then albums produced for Judy Stone, Col Joye,Tina Cross, Allan Caswell, and a memorable Xmas album with Ricky May. Covers included 'One Step Away' [ co-written with Kennett ] on John Farnham's ' Whispering Jack' album, 'Love is Where You Find it' and Too Late for Crying' on Long John Baldry's 'Rock with The Best' album, 'Don't Throw our Love Away' co-written with Alan Lancaster for Status Quo and 'Satchmo' co-written with Allan Caswell for a Ricky May album.

Dave started composing and producing music for film and television in '82 working out of his studio in Seaforth NSW.

  1982- 2010

Producer and co- songwriter for a variety of Artists in Australia and overseas including Status Quo, Long John Baldry, John Farnham, Swanee, Mark Hunter, Ward13, Ricky May, The Party Boys, Allan Caswell, Judy Stone and Col Joye. Composing and Producing Themes and Underscoring for film and television Features, Mini Series, Documentaries, Childrens Stories, Commercials and Corporate.





An Indecent Obsession - Theatrical Feature
Director Lex Marinos. Music Rec Engineer- John Frolich

The Roly Poly Man - Theatrical Feature
Director Bill Young. Music Rec Engineers Martin Cass & John Frolich

Danny's Egg - Tele Feature
Director David Haythornthwaite. Music Rec Engineer- John Frolich

High Country - Tele Feature

Rock 'n Roll Cowboys - Tele Feature

Hard Knuckle - Tele Feature

Watch the Shadows Dance - Tele Feature

[Night Master] - Tele Feature

Takeover - Tele Feature


The Great Bookie Robbery
Directors Mark Joffe & Marcus Cole. Music Rec Engineer-John Frolich

Glass Babies


Miracle at Sea
Directors Richard Dennison & Guy Norris. Music Rec Engineer - John Frolich
Tony Bullimore's survival + rescue in the great southern ocean

Rite of Passage
Award winning "First Fleet" reenactment, tall ships sail from England to Australia

Blue Wilderness
Director Richard Dennison & Michael Balson. Music Rec Engineer- John Zulaika
Ron and Val Taylor dive with whales, white pointers and a host of incredible undersea creatures

A Fare to Remember
Director Michael Dillon, Music Rec Engineer Mike Atherton
London taxi driver drives a black cab from London to Sydney with a welshman and an irishman as the fare.

The Social Climbers
Directors Mike Dillon, Glen Singleman, Richard Dennison Music Rec Engineer John Zulaika
Four men and four women climb the highest mountain in South America and then enjoy a formal dinner party on the summit, seved by a butler.

Flight of the Wind-Horse
Director Michael Balson. Music Rec Engineer John Frolich
Attempt to fly a hot air balloon over Everest.

Fire on the Wind
Directors Michael Balson & Richard Dennison. Music Rec Engineer John Frolich
History making flight by hot air balloon from Kathmandu over Everest.

The Great Jukung Race
International crews of young men and women race in outrigger sailing canoes from Bali across the Timor sea to Darwin.

Directors Gary Steer & Richard Dennison. Music Rec Engineer-John Frolich
Targets the incredible and horrific phenomena of bushfires in Australia.

King Koala
Life and loves of a large dominant male koala bear.

The Great Camel Race
Teams race camels from Alice Springs at the centre of Australia to Brisbane on the East coast through unforgiving terrain.

Two adventurers trek through Pakistan, climb and eventually basejump off Trango Tower, the highest vertical cliff in the world 6949metres]

Director Richard Dennison. Music Rec Engineer Dave Skinner
Follows the fortunes of a base jumper and other huge risk takers in the rugged beauty of NewZealand's South Island

BaseClimb 2
Dr Glen Singleman and his wife Heather's attempt to be the first husband and wife team to baseclimb one of the highest vertical cliff's jn the world.

The Fatal Game
A man must steel himself to climb again after having to leave a good friend to die on the summit of Everest.

Journey of Origin
A young woman returns to Chile to rediscover the country of her childhood.

Back Roads to Beijing
Two young men cycle across Russia and Mongolia to China and Beijing.

Pioneers of Love
Story of a Russian nobleman who comes to Australia in the 1920's to escape persecution, falls in love with an aboriginal woman and their subsequent marriage and hard life under the spell of the White Australia policy.

Sea to Summit
Tim McCartney- Snape's epic trek through India and climb of Everest.

Beyond Everest
Sir Edmond Hilary's life since his great achievement with sherpa Tensing in 1953. Shows how he has built schools and hospitals to help the mountain people of Tibet.

MAWSON, Life and Death in Antarctica
Director Malcolm McDonald. Music Rec Engineer DaveSkinner
Adventurer Tim Jarvis reenacts Douglas Mawson's 1912 Antarctic expedition. One of the most amazing feats of mental and physical endurance of all time.

Dying For Everest
Man with prosthetic legs conquers Everest but his team are faced with leaving an incapacitated climber on the mountain.

The Trail of Genghis Khan
Tim Cope's 10,000 Kilometer solo journey in the footsteps of Genghis Khan from Mongolia to Hungary

No Ceiling : The Baseclimb 3 Story
Director Glen Singleman. Music Rec Engineer Dave Skinner